Down to Shafter and back

Just a quick trip down and back in one day, but on the way down south I took a little extra time to look for some geocaches. I tried to find a fossil leaf print at the unknown cache near Patterson, but failed again. Found 8 caches; three in a cluster off of Jayne Avenue […]

Brave, gifted, generous, and faithful

No, leave me here; I might put you in peril.”

So reads a cemetery monument I discovered in an old, unmaintained cemetery in Nevada City, CA. The rest of the inscription reads, “Henry Meredith, born in Hanover County, State of Virginia on the 14th day of August AD 1826. Died in battle at Pyramid Lake […]

GBA 4×4 to Iowa Hill

Some of the GBA 4×4 crew headed up to the Sierra’s between Placerville and Auburn. The reason was to scout some areas for a possible 4×4 run during Geo Woodstock 6, but we also collected a few cache finds along the way.

We did a run up to Slate Mountain on a road that was […]