A morning hike in Del Valle

A new cache (Hill Billy) became active in Del Valle yesterday, so Dan suggested we hike out this morning to get it. We were first to find. It was a perfect morning for a good walk. A very nice temperature, green grass, wild flowers in bloom, and the lake is nearly full. We parked at […]

An afternoon in Sycamore Grove

Another hike up the hill in Sycamore Grove, but this time with Karen, Dan, Janet, and Jennifer Y. We had a good time hiking together. Dan and I picked up 2 new caches, but since Jennifer hadn’t been there, she got several more that were on our route.

Lively Oak

Took a walk up the hill in Sycamore Grove to pick up the Lively Oak cache. Interestingly, it is just feet from a spot I had previously surveyed as a possible cache location.