Point Lobos

On our free afternoon at Asilomar, Karen and drove down to Point Lobos State Park. We chose to park on highway 1 and walk in. It was sunny, but a bit breezy. There were 4 caches I figured we could pick up on our hike. It was not to be. The first one we checked, […]

Cayucos/Morro Bay and San Ardo

This weekend Karen and I went to Cayucos, first to be with her brothers in a beautiful beach house, and then for another night with Dan and Janet at Mom’s place.

The beach house was a large 4 bedroom that Jim got the use of because he had done some plumbing repair for the owner […]

Linekiln and Priest Rock Trail Death March

13 miles, 26 caches, 3,000+ ft elevation gain, 12 cachers in the group, qualifies as a GBA Death March, ’nuff said.

But here’s the details. Dan, Karen, and I drove over to San Jose this morning to join a fair sized group of cachers for a long hike in Sierra Azul. We met at the […]