Wood ducks

Lately, we have been walking on a regular basis in Sycamore Grove. A few days ago we stopped a ranger to talk about local wildlife—we’re still hoping to see one of the local bobcats. But, he also mentioned walking close to the stream and watching for ducks. We have regularly seen mallards, egrets, and an […]

Curse you, Venona

Dan solved a new puzzle cache last night relating to Venona. He asked me to go along on the hike this morning to find the cache. Cache was easy to find, but it did require a 6 mile round trip in Del Valle. Despite the weather, it didn’t rain on us.

One on Isabelle

While Karen was having an adventure in San Francisco I mostly worked on considering an upgrade in the email service for CGCC. For a little break, I ran out to get a Jamba Juice and to find Another Lonely Pine.