Santa Cruz half-day and an event

Karen and I drove over to Santa Cruz for the afternoon and did some hiking and caching in Wilder Ranch State Park. At sunset we dropped in on the Sand and Smores event. Very few of my acquaintances were there and Karen felt out of place so we didn’t stay long. We ate dinner in […]

Why are you still here?

A couple of days ago, a group of us were visiting with a prospective new leader in our church and discussing the issues surrounding the migration of a number of families away from our church in recent months. He asked why we were still here. Someone joked that we’re the lazy ones, rolling along with […]

“Upswing” or “Downswing”

Joe McKeever accurately identifies a root cause difference between an “upswing” and “downswing” church, having visited both types recently. It’s leadership, or lack of it. He penned a description of a desired leader as follows:

“WANTED: a man or a woman who is solidly Christian with excellent mental health, who thinks clearly, listens well, speaks […]