On the way from San Jose

After dropping Janet off at the San Jose airport, I picked up a couple of caches on the way home in Milpitas. One was an interesting, hot hike along the Coyote Creek trail and the other in a bush in a restaurant parking lot (it give me a bit of a problem).

Faith: empty or real?

Michael Vick has plead guilty to being involved in an illegal dogfighting operation. A talented and exciting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Vick’s poor choices may mean he will never play pro football again.

In a public statement, Vick took full responsibility for his actions and added, “I’m upset with myself and, you know, through […]

Business in the backroom

Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks announced exclusive support (sort of) for HD DVD. Turns out they are rumored to be receiving about $150 million from some unknown HD DVD backer (Microsoft says it’s not them, so maybe it’s the HD DVD coalition spearheaded by Toshiba) for this 18 month deal. It’s bad because it prolongs the […]