How much is a lot?

Joy in Small Packages recounts a recent conversation with a 3 year-old about the magnitude of numbers.

“I want to live there because it’s up high!”

I chuckle as understanding dawns, “Ohhh! You mean you want stairs?”

“Yah! Ten stairs! So I can go way up high and sleep. And 10 is a lot.”

As […]


I drove to Copperopolis today to check on our property and talk to a real estate agent. I found out that sales are very flat this year.

On the way up I stopped for a few caches along highway 4. I solved the County Line puzzle but did not attempt the find because I did […]

Fun with Photoshop

Take a nice picture, crop to an interesting subject, apply a little Photoshop magic (following a completely defined recipe), and you get a fun pastel sketch. I wonder how nice it would look if printed on matte paper and surrounded with a bevel-cut matte?

The instructions for how to do something like this are […]