Pacific Grove

After leaving Asilomar after lunch, I drove along the coast into Monterey and picked up 4 caches. Two of them, at least, I had looked for a year ago. One was clearly missing back then, and one I just didn’t find, but got them both both today.

Asilomar afternoon

I had the afternoon off from my meetings at Asilomar, so I went for a hike up on Huckleberry Hill. It was raining lightly during the whole hike, except just as I was getting back to the truck it turned into a downpour. This is the location of two night caches (Down the Rabbit Hole […]

Tour of California 3

I’ve never seen a professional bicycle race in person before, but when the route comes within a couple of blocks of home it’s hard to resist. Actually, I also went to Sacramento yesterday to watch the conclusion of stage 2–a good choice because they made 4 circuits. Unfortunately, many of the photos from yesterday were […]