Del Valle

Dan called and wanted to hike in Del Valle and get as far as Ker-Splash, which I’ve already found. We started at the trailhead just below the dam and hiked up the hill to get Missing Post. It had truly been missing the last time we went up there.

From there we made the long […]

Coyote Hills

We (Dan, Janet, Karen, and I) decided to hike in Coyote Hills today, even though the weather forecast was for a few showers. It was cloudy on the drive over, but cleared as we started walking. Our main objective was to complete the Indian Montage series. This consisted of finding clues in 6 caches and […]

Garin (Niles quad)

I did a nice hike in Garin Regional Park starting from the Tamarack Drive trailhead and picked up 2 caches in a 5.5 mile round trip. I’ll count United 615 as the find for the Niles quad in the Bay Area quad challenge. I’m now up to 13 of 70 quads with a total of […]