Have you noticed that this photo is a metaphor for life? I’m sure you’ve been there. We all have. At some point, the wheels of life become mired in the mud of circumstances, or broken dreams, or hurtful thoughts. How to get unstuck becomes your major concern.

The incident in the photo occurred as a […]

Good ol’ Livermore

While I was out and around this afternoon, I stopped to look for 3 caches here in town. They weren’t the kind I enjoy hunting, and in fact I passed on a fourth one because it was right in front of someone’s house (and probably on their property).

Danville with Karen

Karen and I headed to Walnut Creek (and possibly Clayton, I thought) to do some hiking and caching. The first stops were along Tice Valley Blvd near Rossmore. We DNF’d Secret Trailhead, Cardiac Canyon, and FishCache (I was uncomfortable with parking on this one—looked like someone’s driveway). I got so frustrated that we just went […]