Thomas the Train at Roaring Camp

Today we went with the kids to Roaring Camp for a excursion with Thomas the Tank Engine. Our ride was scheduled for just before lunch, so Karen and I drove over to Felton early to look for some geocaches.

First up was Felton Covered Bridge (8:31 AM). I know we’ve been here before, but it’s […]


I drove Karen to a Dr. appointment this morning and while I waited I walked over to Peet’s for coffee. Since it was a quiet morning, and I knew from previous visits the general location of Hot Eats Cool Treats (9:15 AM) I gave another look. Found it in an obvious spot. Magnetic on the […]

Brunch event in San Jose

It has been extremely hot. High temp today of 108. In order to go to the Saturday Brunch and do some cache hunting in San Jose, I got up at 5 AM and left home at 6 AM. My first hunt was for Capitol Station (7:00 AM), an easy find on the edge of the […]