Dan’s puzzle

I had solved Dan’s Somber Armageddon Pillows puzzle, but couldn’t get it yesterday because I made an error getting the coordinates into the GPSr.

On the way there, I stopped for Kendall’s Treasures (9:49 AM). It was a quick find.

I misled myself on what to look for with Somber Armageddon Pillows (10:20 AM). I […]

Some local caches

This morning I hunted a few local caches. Started with Livermore Larupper (9:47 AM) which I found difficult because there were many bushes to consider. Finally found it.

Next up was Inman School (10:08 AM). I never realized that the Eucalyptus grove was the site of an old school. The cache was well constructed and […]

Lost in Livermore

Dan was over and happened to pull up geocaching.com and see that there was a new cache listing nearby. We went together to find Hanso foundation: Geocaching Experiment. I found it, but we were STF by just a few minutes.