Jackson area

While Karen had an enjoyable visit with Nancy, I drove around to some interesting places and hunted caches.

Prelude to a Crash! (11:46 AM) was right along highway 49 up on an embankment that had a steep way and an easier way approach. I took the easier way, and it was an easy find.

Turned […]

Briones with Karen

Karen and I took some time this afternoon to hike in north Briones. Got in a little over 4 miles.

First up was Rebel Alliance (2:34 PM). I had no idea this was a linux inspired cache knocking the MS evil empire until I was reading the description while logging it. It was an easy […]

Off to Briones and Concord

With a bit of a break in the rainy weather, I wanted to do a bit of hiking and cache hunting, so I headed to the south-east corner of Briones. The trails were very sloppy, with running water on some of them. Luckily the soil was more sandy than in some of our parks, so […]