Sunol with Karen

We were mostly just out for a hike – along Little Yosemite and then up hill. Picked up Hallelujah Rock (12:56 PM), then tried for “W” Tree Tock Scramble, but decided there was too much water in the stream to try scrambling in the stream bed. Picked up End of the (Bike) Trail (2:22 PM) […]

The 1K find

IQ Test #2 was cache find number 1,000 today.

This puzzle cache stumped me about a year ago, although I didn’t pursue it very hard. I plotted the waypoints on a map, thought I saw the start of a pattern, but couldn’t figure it out. I never did try computing azimuth and distance between […]


So here’s an auspicious milestone. I won’t get another consecutive alignment of 9’s for a very long time (if ever). This was Micro Park Micro (10:55 AM). Hard. Needed hint from owner.