Pacific Grove 2006

We had some time this afternoon during the retreat, so we first walked in Rip Van Winkle park to hunt for Cache Some Zzzzs. (2:40 PM) Boy, was it interesting/hard. First, we missed the bridge across the creek and had to walk a ways past the cache to a road, cross the creek, and then […]


After arriving at Asilomar for the retreat, we took a quick walk between the rain drops to find The Old Tracks (5:22 PM). Never realized there was an old railroad through here that’s now been converted to a trail.

San Jose afternoon

Dan, Janet, and I took the afternoon to return to Milpitas and San Jose, and wonderfully, Karen felt up to coming along.

On the way south on 680, we pulled off at Milpitas to hunt a view caches. First up was Discover Water (1:06 PM), cleverly disguised, but sharp-eyed Janet got it.

Just a […]