Lime Ridge 6

After Karen’s visit to the Cancer Center, we grabbed an early lunch at Bul Go Gi and then went to look for Don Salvio Pacheco Adobe. Since it’s right in front of drive up teller windows we passed on searching.

So, then it was back to Lime Ridge with another attempt on Welcome to Paradise […]

Dublin and Hayward with Dan

Spent some time this afternoon hunting some caches with Dan and Janet. First, we headed into the hills of west Dublin. First up for me was Sibley GTB, a puzzle cache that Dan and Janet had already found. I had solved the puzzle with a hint from Dan. The cache was easy to find (found […]

Concord on the 17th

While Karen was at her appointment, I walked over to get For the Health of It. Spotted it quickly today, although I looked for quite a while yesterday. I thought I spotted from one direction yesterday, but then couldn’t find it when I moved to where I thought I could access it. Today it was […]