Copperopolis long weekend

We spent the weekend at Bailey’s in Copperopolis (drove up on Friday). Saturday, Nov. 26, was a nice day so we drove to the Red Hills. We’ve always just driven the road or stopped beside the road to admire the spring flowers. This time it was fun to hike to a few caches. We stopped […]


Karen is amazing. Five days ago she had a chemo treatment, and today we went hiking/caching at Red Hills (between Oakdale and Jamestown). One of the caches was .3 miles up a steep hill, and she made it nearly all the way. Of course, there have been some really bad, down days too, but lately […]



After turkey dinner, we (Dan, Janet, Karen, and me) decided a little walking was in order. Our first stop after driving to Pleasanton was Stroller Friendly #1: River of Concrete. We knocked that one out in a hurry, so I took Dan and Janet to Danville Trolls. I’d already done it, but it was […]