Halloween hunt

Dan and I went after Team Alamo’s Cash Cache, but first we had to visit The Queen and The King.

The Queen was pretty easy to get too. There was a large flock of turkeys at the trail head and they scattered up hill away from us. After passing under them, we looped back up […]

A few easy ones

Karen felt like going out and walking a little, so we took Dan and Janet and headed to Danville. 580 was jammed for some reason, so I went the back way. Stopped at the old Finley School and Dan and Janet hunted, then noted that the last log said it was missing. Next we stopped […]

Difficulty 3

Off with Dan and Janet for an afternoon of caching. It turned out that everyone of these was at least a difficulty 3 level cache.

First we went after Pseudo-Coo. I had previously solved the Sudoku puzzle. I used a helper program to do it quickly. My solution coordinates agreed with Dan’s so we were […]