San Ramon hike

Dan, Janet, and I decided to do a little cache hunting in San Ramon open space today. We left about 10 AM and went looking for the appropriate trail head off of west Bollinger Canyon Road. We took the trail at the end of Paddock Drive.

Bishop’s Paddock is very close to the trail […]

Livermore, for a change

This morning I went over to Annmarie’s and stayed with Audree during her morning nap. Audree would have taken her nap at our house, but she had a mild cold, and we didn’t want Karen exposed. Before going, I checked for caches in Livermore. Turns out there are three or four—I haven’t been keeping up. […]

MAC event, Castle AFB museum

Since Karen felt good (only 3 days since her chemo treatment), Dan, Janet, and I went to MAC Presents “Picnic with the Blackbird” put on by the Merced area cachers at the Castle AFB museum. The first thing we did was go through the airplane display (an outdoor museum). I enjoyed all the planes (although […]