Almaden Quicksilver

GPS track

Escooby asked on theGBA forums if anyone wanted to accompany him on a hike in Almaden Quicksilver (south San Jose). I was the only one to take him up on it. I hadn’t done any serious caching since the end of July and since Karen was feeling quite good, it was […]


Here’s our current status:

Aug. 2: surgery. Went well, but pathology later showed cancer in one (but only one) lymph node.

Recovery was good. While she was completely wiped out for 3 days or so, pain was not a big issue, and she managed it with over the counter tylenol.

Aug. 10: oncology. Chemotherapy is […]


For all us Leos’ was the closest cache to home. I’ve not been paying attention, so I missed when this one went active. Didn’t take too long to find. The GPSr only had a couple minutes of battery power, but it was enough. The camoed container is hidden in a shrub next to the park […]