Lake Chabot

Went with Dan and Janet today. They let me choose where, so I picked Lake Chabot. There is a new series of 10 caches along the Ten Hills trail and the trailhead is easy to get to on Redwood Road. In fact, it turns out that Dan has run these trails many times during his […]

Modesto Cache Trail

I headed east to Modesto about lunch time. Stopped in Manteca to quickly grab Spreckels Sugar at 10:45 AM—easy. Looked for 2 or 3 in Ripon, but made bad choices on which ones because they were the kind I don’t like. I should have gone for the trail along the river.

Took the off ramp […]

Sycamore Grove

This afternoon I saw that I had missed noticing two new hides at Sycamore Grove. I went out just before dinner and made a quick hike to find them. Found Old Sycamore at 5:45 PM and Another Sycamore Cache at 6:02 PM. Just before reaching this last location I noticed a grazing doe that had […]