On the way to Cayucos

Yesterday we brought Karen’s Mom back home and today we headed west on highway 46 towards Paso Robles, eventually to end up at Cayucos for a few day stay. West of Blackwell’s Corner, a small county road leads off to the southwest through Bitterwater Valley. There are a number of caches dropped along this road. […]


Before going to Briones Regional Park, I grabbed Land Rover. I had passed on this one before—just not comfortable with the location. But, Dan encouraged me—easy he said. Indeed it was, and I had it in hand at 9:30 AM.

I probably hiked a total of 8 miles in Briones. The weather was slightly […]

Diablo Foothils (mostly)

With an invitation to lunch at relative’s in Danville, it was a perfect opportunity to do some caching before and after. But first, I hunted Prudence The Pretty Piglet #3 here in Livermore. Dan was FTF, but had no trade items so wanted me to trade for a Geocaching keyring (micro cache). It was an […]