Pacific Grove

Yesterday we came to Asilomar in Pacific Grove to attend a meeting. It was sprinkling in the late afternoon, but I looked for Peek of the Course anyway. Got soaked from tall grass and wet bushes, and gave up quickly.

Today was very nice, with blue skies. Had time for a walk before breakfast so […]

A Sunday Stroll

Dan caught me just after the first church service ended and asked if I wanted to walk over and grab a new cache—Sticks-n-Stones (And Broken Bones). Of course! So we walked down the Arroyo Mocho creek path and out into the weeds. I went just a slightly different path than Dan and found it immediately. […]

Ready for 300

This afternoon I went back to verify the info I had gotten for stage 1 of Dog Years. I had made a mistake in one digit. Off to stage 2, which I found this time. Not sure the hint helped though. Stage three was pretty easy to find, too. I didn’t find stage 4 because […]