Las Trampas

I spent an afternoon caching in Las Trampas regional park. This time I had a print out of cache locations on a calibrated map I had made. This made it easy to choose the best trails.

The first one was Live Oak Stumper, which turned out to be pretty quick. Found at 2:01 PM. It […]

Mostly Fremont

I had this Saturday free, so I headed off to Fremont through Niles Canyon. I made my first caching stop in Sunol for Sunol, a multi-cache. The first phase of the multi is gathering information from a historical marker about Sunol. The coordinates of the actual cache can be determined from numbers on the plaque.


Pole Position (Karenina)

Pole Position (Karenina) is a puzzle cache that depends on getting numeric information from the Tolstoy novel Anna Karenina. It also requires info from 3 signs on poles (hence Pole Position) in Sycamore Grove park. I suppose it’s designed so that you can complete it with one visit to the park–get the sign information, do […]