Double Agent (Livermore, CA)

Double Agent is a remarkable puzzle, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I even enjoyed my mistakes. I got everything I needed from the web, although not exactly the sites hinted at in the instructions.

DT21 & FW @3K (Dublin, CA)

Today, my DNF rate stayed just as high as it has been. At least I found DT21 & FW @3K. It’s a full size cache on the Iron Horse Trail. I was at first focusing on the wrong area, but after getting that straightened out, the cache was an easy find.

The cache is under […]

Fisherwoman’s Reprise (Livermore, CA)

As a three-stage multi-cache, Fisherwoman’s Reprise has a difficult last stage. I managed the first two OK a couple of weeks ago, but spent nearly an hour searching for the last stage, but came up empty handed.

After giving it some extended thought, I was pretty sure I knew how to find it, and that […]