Halloween Hunt

This afternoon I went with Dan (geodanimal) and Janet on a nice, clear day for some cache hunting in Del Valle Regional Park.

We started with Dragon Head Cache, about a half mile up the trail from the parking lot. I’ve never been in this area of Del Valle before. This cache is actually very […]

Update, Fly Away Home

I didn’t know Del Valle park property included where Updraft is located. It’s a good climb rewarded with a great view. The cache (an ammo box) was quickly found.

I guess this was the third time I visited the site of Fly Away Home. Didn’t even get out the GPSr, since I knew exactly where […]

First try at night caching

Centennial Curse is a virtual cache at a rather (in)famous Livermore monument. When the city didn’t treat the totem pole with the respect the artist thought it deserved, he supposedly placed a curse on one of the city’s public works. I drive by it all the time, but this is the first time I actually […]