Them! They’re here…

You may not remember the 1954 movie Them with James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, and James Arness, but it might be time to think about the subject again—at least the people in Houston should. Them, of course, were giant ants—mutations caused by nuclear testing. They were nearly invincible, and it was a race against time to destroy the initial colonies before an infestation could get really established.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting the city’s environs are being overrun with “Rasberry ants,” a non-native species that arrived in some mysterious way and is so prolific it is even driving out the dreaded fire ants. Besides being a nuisance (swarming over your patio, the kids outdoor playthings, and clogging up your pool filter), they are turning destructive. They seem to have a tendency to damage electrical and telephone equipment, and they are reported to be on the edge of Hobby Airport.

Perhaps Them was ahead of its time and just a little wrong about the size of the invaders. As Edmund Gwenn’s character says, “We may be witnessing a Biblical prophecy come true – ‘And there shall be destruction and darkness come upon creation and the beasts will reign over the earth.’” 🙂

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