Elizabeth says Hi!

I think Elizabeth is trying to break in on the conversation, but is getting ignored. Such expressions she has.

Click on the video to play.

BTW, this is an iPhone 3GS video.

The twins at 3 months

Carolyn and Elizabeth (the twins) are 3 months old. We stopped by for a short visit and helped give them their bottles. Sometimes after their feeding they stay awake and active for a while, but not this time. But bath time got them aroused enough for some photos.

Links —Twins at 3 months photo […]

Happy Birthday Nana

Happy Birthday

Karen’s birthday is today. Dinner, dessert, and presents were with the kids, and Karen clearly had a good time, as did we all. She especially appreciated the hand-decorated book bag the kids made for her.

Dan, Janet, Carolyn, Elizabeth

Afterwards, we stopped to visit briefly with Janet’s dad (who has come […]