Leadership FAIL

The election of Scott Brown as the new U.S. senator from Massachusetts has thrown the health care bill off track. Regardless of whether the bill will improve the health care situation in the U.S. (what is in the bill, anyway?), the tactics used to negotiate the bill offends our innate sense of equality and integrity.


Where’s the stick?

Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage used to say, “Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggy’ while looking for a stick.” TIME.com reports that president-elect Obama is already being tested by foreign powers. He is clearly quite skilled at the ‘nice doggy’ part. It remains to be seen if he can find a […]

The election is history! Now what?

November 9, 1932 headlines

Characteristically, in the last stages of the campaign, it’s been evident that politics in the raw is seldom mild.

In an old mining cabin high in the White Mountains, I found an old newspaper tacked to the wall. Besides the headlines proclaiming Roosevelt’s win, there was another page of the […]