Short hike in Las Trampas

We wanted to get away for a day hike and had considered Woods Lake to Winnemucca Lake (too long of a drive), Pt. Reyes (hikes were too long), and Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz (our choice last night). This morning I felt poorly enough that I didn’t want to drive very far from home, so we decided to hike in Las Trampas. I decided to hike from the Hemme Road trailhead, but unfortunately didn’t remember how steep the trail that I chose was. I thought we could go up a ways, have lunch, and then return, but after a couple of steep sections Karen let me know that she did not want to come back down that way. (And yes, it was slippery steep). So we made a 4.3 mile loop with 1,000 feet of climbing (most of it in the first mile and a half).

Selfie in Las Trampas

Selfie in Las Trampas

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