Post Thanksgiving hiking and geocaching

It’s pretty clear I won’t reach my goal of bicycling 2,000 miles this year. In the last month I have hiked more miles than I have ridden. My riding miles currently stand at 1712 miles (and while it’s not impossible to ride 300 miles in December, it’s highly doubtful). My hiking mileage is 246 miles, 14 of which came this week.

Friday Karen and I hiked along a portion of the Bay Area Ridge Trail in the Five Canyons area above Hayward. It was a nice, clear day and the skylines of San Francisco and Oakland were clearly visible. We had the trails to ourselves and picked up nine geocaches along the way.

Today we hiked Pleasanton Ridge from the fairly secret trailhead in Sunol to the Foothill trailhead, getting in five miles of hiking and finding a dozen caches. The southern end of the trail was deserted, but there were lots of people coming up from the Foothill trailhead. Again, the weather was beautiful.

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