Duck Pass trail

After coffee and bearclaw at Paul Schaat’s bakery, we drove up to the Duck Pass trailhead at Lake Mary. We both felt a bit better (more energy) today, so the climb up to Arrowhead Lake and Skelton Lake was not bad. We shared the trail with a large group of high school trail runners—a cross-country team I suspect. I’m pretty sure they ran to the top of the pass (10,797 ft). We, however, stopped at Skelton Lake. While a nice hike, it is not nearly as picturesque as Rock Creek.

Skelton Lake

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  • I remember Skeleton lake. My brothers and I hiked up there to do some fishing. It was fun until the huge storm blew in dropping tons of hail. Lightning hit a tree right across the lake from us and it caught on fire. That was our clue to start heading back and then the hail dropped and we ran down the mountain taking a beating on the way. Fun memories.

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