Bike riding milestone

Since today turned out to be nice with a bit of blue sky and no rain showers, I hopped on the bike for perhaps my last ride of the year. My 33 mile ride included a stop at Peet’s Coffee on Bollinger in east San Ramon. I like that store—it has lots of windows and a nice outdoor seating area. I just wish the shopping center buildings didn’t block the views of nearby Mt. Diablo.

I got back into the habit of biking in April and today’s ride gave me a total of 2,500 miles for the year. I used to double that in a year, but my riding now is more laid back.

As a plus to this ride, I finally got around to exploring Old Vineyard road (I think Old Wineyard sounds nicer) and discovered that despite the multiple road closed signs it is open to bikes. That opens up a couple of miles of much less traffic on the route to and from Pleasanton.

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