The Dalles River Trail

Today we biked the River Trail along the Columbia River and it was very windy. The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center is at the west end of the trail. Since Karen wanted to go through this museum, we drove up there after the bike ride together. She went to the museum, and I rode from there back along the river trail to find the caches.

Columbia River

Columbia River

I found The River Trail: La Puente at 12:10 PM in some rocks near one end of a pedestrian bridge.

Next I left the trail and walked up a small hill to find The River Trail: Trinkets at 12:18 PM. It was near a small drop off and overlooked the Columbia River. Appropriately, a high-voltage transmission line tower almost covered the whole top of the hill.

X marks the spot! Well, not quite, but the The River Trail: “X” is very close and I found it at 12:36 PM.

Took the geo-trail off through the grass to find The River Trail: The Lake at 12:44 PM.

A part of the trail parallels the busy railroad tracks. In fact, the trail goes through a small underpass. Apparently, there was a train derailment here a year or two ago. That fact gave me a funny feeling as a long freight rumbled by above me. I found The River Trail: The Discovery at 1:08 PM.

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