South on the San Andreas fault, then back home through the Central Valley

Today I made a long day-trip to fill in some map pages for the DeLorme challenges I’m working on. I picked up highway 25 in Hollister and followed it south along the San Andreas fault to highway 198. On this section I found caches on page 20 and 33 of the Southern and Central DeLorme maps.

From there I followed highway 198 east to Hanford, picking up caches on page 35 and 38 in the Southern and Central Delorme maps and pages 91 and 94 in the Golden State DeLorme maps. At this point I was out of time and headed home on the quickest route—back to I5.

Total distance covered was 406 miles.

Use appropriate browser option to download the linked file.
Track in .gpx format.
Track in .kml format.

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