Some local caches

This morning I hunted a few local caches. Started with Livermore Larupper (9:47 AM) which I found difficult because there were many bushes to consider. Finally found it.

Next up was Inman School (10:08 AM). I never realized that the Eucalyptus grove was the site of an old school. The cache was well constructed and good camo, but I found it immediately.

I searched for Road’s End, which should have been a no brainer, but I just overlooked it. For some reason, 580 was jammed, even this late in the morning.

Finding Double Sunset (10:57 AM) took me a while. The GPSr had me off by about one tree. Finally spotted it.

I had figured out where Yes, Dear (11:40 AM) was located, and decided to go see if I could handle the terrain rating. So, made the hike and found it easily. Had to do a little climbing, but it wasn’t bad.

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