Snoqualmie Pass

We left The Dalles early, drove through Yakima, and on up to Snoqualmie Pass. Here we stopped to hunt for one of the few remaining Project APE caches. This is a unique hiking/biking trail that was used for an electrified railroad bringing skiers up from Seattle to Hyak (where we parked and started our hike). We hiked to the west, and were immediately confronted by the east end of the Snoqualmie Tunnel.

Long old railroad tunnel

Long old railroad tunnel

Near the entrance we found Iron Horse (East). Easy to find, but harder to retrieve because it was out of reach for me. I found a nearby stick, probably used before, and pulled the cache to me. Logged this find at 12:13 PM.

Then it was into the tunnel for a 2 mile hike in the dark. Our little LED flashlights did a great job was our eyes adapted. We scanned for Bloody Fingers, Dirty Diapers in the tunnel, but missed the appropriate alcove.

Exiting the tunnel, we took a break before proceeding on to the APE cache: Mission 9: Tunnel of Light. I noticed a mountain biker go by with a GPS in hand, and figured he’d get there first. We hiked a few tenths of a mile to the cache location, found the obvious hiding spot (it’s huge), but there was no cache. After a short panicky feeling, I realized the biking cacher had it off somewhere to sort through the contents. Sure enough, I found his bike just off the trail. Rather than try to hunt him down, we moved on up the trail out of sight, and waited a bit. Pretty soon he appeared dragging the huge ammo can behind him. We probably freaked him out by then reappearing, but quickly assured him we were hunting what he had. After quickly signing the log, we helped him rehide it and then stood around and yakked for a while with DubyaDee. While signing the log I handed Karen the camera, but I was too involved in signing and talking with DubyaDee to specifically tell her to take a picture. I logged this one at 1:37 PM.

We headed back to the west end of the tunnel and I went up the hill and found Iron Horse at 2:03 PM. This cache was hidden in October of 2000 with waypoint name of GC79. I’m sure that’s the oldest cache I’ve found.

Then we headed back through the tunnel for another 2 miles of blackness. This time the location of Bloody Fingers, Dirty Diapers was easily apparent and I found it at 3:02 PM.

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