Pacific Grove 2006

We had some time this afternoon during the retreat, so we first walked in Rip Van Winkle park to hunt for Cache Some Zzzzs. (2:40 PM) Boy, was it interesting/hard. First, we missed the bridge across the creek and had to walk a ways past the cache to a road, cross the creek, and then come back. Then, the final 100 ft into the cache location was off trail through small plants of poison oak. I couldn’t find a clear path, so finally just walked in on the PO.

In the same park, we couldn’t find Baseball Cache. The GPSr was inaccurate because of tree cover, it was starting to sprinkle, and there was enough PO around that I didn’t want to paw around in the plants.

I’m sure I looked for A Refuge By The Sea (3:30 PM) last year, but this year we found it.

Kashta’s Rock (4:13 PM) was a quick find, because we went during low tide. I also found A Crespi Hide (4:28 PM) quickly too. Good thing. Just as I got the log out it started to rain in earnest.

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