October cache hunting

3 Oct 2008 8:51 PM Double FTF hike in Del Valle

Dan and I headed out this morning for a quick hike in Del Valle (about 4.6 miles) to find two new caches. They were in familiar locations (that is, we’ve hiked by the locations before) and we were the first to find.

8 Oct 2008 9:53 PM Road trip to California’s north west corner

Old tree

We were due for some vacation, and I’ve been considering visiting every page of the DeLorme Northern California Atlas and finding a cache, so we headed up the north coast. Interesting trip and we visited some nice places. Check out the photo gallery.

11 Oct 2008 8:33 PM Little Shop of Horrors trip to San Jose

Dan and I attended the event and hunted a few caches in the area.

19 Oct 2008 7:33 PM Eastern Sierra

I had a very interesting trip to Bishop and Lone Pine (with a side trip out to Eureka Dunes in Death Valley) with the GBA folks. We found a number of caches, with one of them filling in another fizzy square for me.

29 Oct 2008 8:33 PM Half Moon Bay

We spent the day at Half Moon Bay, driving over in the morning (after most of the commute traffic) and arrived in time to wander Main Street a bit before having lunch at Pasta Moon.

We found seven caches (and DNF’d two). We did less than half of the Legend of the Blue Pearls series, so there’s more to do on a return trip.

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