OC and Bakersfield

Before checking out of the motel, we looked for a nice place to walk (and find a cache or two). Stopped at a park and found “Take me out to the ball game!” and looked for a way to get down into the Trabuco arroyo. It wasn’t accessible from where we were. We drove on farther, and when we passed Lake Mission Viejo we stopped and walked along the sidewalks for about an hour.

After driving back to Wasco, I decided to do some caching in Bakersfield while Karen visited with her Mom. Found Higher Class, probably so named because it’s on the location of the officer’s quarters of the old Minter Field. The cache was easy to find, but a little harder to retrieve. It was a 50 caliber ammo can suspended from a rope in a eucalyptus tree. It was a real stretch for me to unclip it. Next, I looked for Welcome to Bakersfield! and found it this time. A year ago I was not successful. It was in plain sight on the ground next to an iron railing fence post. I almost overlooked it again.

Drove south on Coffee Road and made a quick grab of Block Rivera which was in a lamp post. Then got Back of your Shoe. Surprisingly, it was a quick find too. Tucked in a crevice in a electrical transformer in back of a shopping center shoe store.

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