Las Trampas

I spent an afternoon caching in Las Trampas regional park. This time I had a print out of cache locations on a calibrated map I had made. This made it easy to choose the best trails.

The first one was Live Oak Stumper, which turned out to be pretty quick. Found at 2:01 PM. It was in a stump.

Moving on up the trail along the creek I came to Stumped?. This one just about had me stumped. I was getting ready to call it off when I looked in one more spot. Found at 2:41 PM. Tree cover makes the GPSr off a little. I kept looking on the ground, but finally spotted a tree branch that had the end cut off and it didn’t look quite normal. It still took me a while to figure out it was the cache.

Then I began the long climb up to Three Peaks–Las Trampas Peak and made the easy find at 3:18 PM. What an incredible view, especially on a clear day like today.

Just a bit further was Resurrection of Pokey, another easy find at 3:34 PM. GPSr put me less than 5 ft away and the nearest bush was where the cache was hidden. Pokey is a toy plastic snail. Move it and the battery still has enough juice so it buzzes. It’s all hidden inside a cammo plastic zip storage bag.

Total hiking distance was about 3.5 miles. On the way back I stopped across Crow Canyon Blvd (south side) to look for two new caches. There is an obscure trail head and even more obscure trail. Is Anybody Home? was in and around a very muddy spot, but once I navigated the mud I found it quickly at 4:57 PM.

Further up this same trail is County Line. Unfortunately, I had only loaded this one into Cachemate and for some reason the Cachemate record was messed up so that I only knew N37° 45.910. So I hiked off that way (the trail pretty much constrains your E/W coords) and when I got close started checking likely looking spots. It didn’t take too long, and good thing, the sun was setting at 5:13 PM.

Once I was back going east on 580, I just kept going to find Halbert’s Altamont, which was actually a quick drive-up find at 5:55 PM.

Before going home I did a flashlight search for Frick N’ End, but it still eludes me. I must just be blind to this one.

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