I blew it!

First thing we did was hike a bit of the upper Serrano Creek trail and found STAR 142. I needed the hint because the GPSr wasn’t working well in the underpass. Google maps puts it right in the south bound lane of 241. Then I made a quick grab of Rock Nursery which was pretty straightforward even though there were a lot of rocks. After that we walked across the street to Tully’s for coffee.

We drove out Santiago Canyon to Modjeska where I wanted to do a fairly long hike in the isolated canyon and pick up several caches. Unfortunately, I didn’t prepare well and when we got there I chose what I thought was the right trail head, only to find it marked Permit Required. We were told we could hike the Harding Trail, but I didn’t think there was much there. Turns out that was the right trail. It was a pretty wasted morning for caching. I did find Forest of Arden, although I didn’t collect the info in it for a different puzzle cache.

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