Group outing to Pelican Stink

A simple proposal for a cache hunt on the GBA forums mushroomed into an informal group activity for the day. The discussion started with TeamOttlet noting an afternoon low tide (-1.89 ft) as propitious for a hunt for Pelican Stink. Lots of folks began responding. I asked Dan if he wanted to go for the day, and fizzymagic had also expressed interest. The three of us decided to go together (I drove).

We met at 7am near the Livermore airport and made a quick trip over to the peninsula, rendezvousing with several others at highway 280 and highway 92 (workerofwood, kindredlaugh, geokashers, mjp303, and TeamOttlet). I logged my first cache of the day there at 7:50am. I logged my 33rd and last cache of the day at 5:54pm in Half Moon Bay.

We picked up a few caches along highway 92 into Half Moon Bay, got a couple up to the north along highway 1, and then several others in Half Moon Bay. From there we cached south along highway 1, arriving in Pescadero around 2pm, and meeting up with even more cachers.

There was a good-sized crew at Pelican Stink. This photo shows only some of them. It’s quite a location with a cave which is only accessible during low tide. After a lengthy search, including one by the last successful finder (British Invasion), we gave up, the consensus being that high wave action at some point washed the cache away.

Some of the geocachers at Pelican Stink

Some of the geocachers at Pelican Stink

We did a few more caches in the late afternoon, including a nice hike into the nearby marsh, and a few along the highway farther to the south. As the sun set, we headed back to Half Moon Bay, where we picked up three more caches by flashlight.

The drive home was tedious—jammed up on 880 and 280, but we definitely had a good time.

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