Geowoodstock VI

We (Dan, Janet, Dave Y, and I) headed up to Wheatland today for Geowoodstock. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate—it was overcast, breezy, and sprinkled on and off during the morning. We arrived around 10am and spent an hour and a half or so wandering around. I really didn’t see much of interest, although Dave bought some geocoins and other trinkets.


Leaving Geowoodstock, we began caching. The close-by caches were traffic jammed—I’m not sure the logs ever got put back in the container because there was just a line of folks wanting to sign the log. As we headed off toward Marysville and focused on puzzle caches, the crowds significantly diminished. Dan had solved a lot of puzzles in the area, so we took advantage of this to concentrate on finding them. For the day I ended up finding just over 50 caches, as did the others.

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