GBA 4×4 to Iowa Hill

Some of the GBA 4×4 crew headed up to the Sierra’s between Placerville and Auburn. The reason was to scout some areas for a possible 4×4 run during Geo Woodstock 6, but we also collected a few cache finds along the way.

We did a run up to Slate Mountain on a road that was not difficult, but was narrow. How much pinstriping the truck got will have to wait until I wash the dust off (and the roads were very dusty). I thought the prettiest part was dropping down into the very narrow American River canyon and finding the suspension bridges.

A few caged geocachers returning from the lowest county high-point in California

Geodanimal makes his escape

It’s a good thing the neighbors were cool, although the lady kept calling from the second floor window, “You don’t have to climb the fence!”

Must be a geocache nearby

Geodanimal on the tightwire

Geodanimal often tries unique approaches to a cache.


Not a Kennedy

At first I thought this was a John Kennedy (but there is no d). It’s interesting to imagine what brought a 23 year-old from Ireland to a gold camp in the middle of nowhere. What was his journey like to get here? What happened to him that he died so young?

American River Canyon photo gallery

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