Before flying home, I looked for a few more caches in Fayetteville. Follow the giant green arrow (8:53 AM) was a bit of a bushwhack off a paved park trail. I liked the hike to Mount Sequoyah Woods (Bushwack) (9:59 AM). Multiple trails to choose, a drop off into a ravine to be avoided, and an off-trail finish to an unexpected cache container. It was a full size mailbox. Another off a paved trail cache find was Frisco Treat (10:54 AM). Bikes, blues, and BBQ (11:13 AM) was right next to a downtown parking lot. The Hotz 4U (11:43 AM) was a nano-cache in a park very near the University of Arkansas Razorback stadium. Got Close only Counts… (12:29 PM) near a horseshoe pitching complex. Took a good hike along Lake Fayetteville, although lake was mostly hidden, to find Lake walk (2:39 PM). Then it was time to head for the airport.

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