Dorris Lake

Today we did some hiking to Dorris Lake, had lunch there, and let the girls play for a while. On the way back into town we hunted down All points bulletin (3:21 PM).

All week we had been passing a nifty little playground the kids would enjoy and saving the two nearby caches so Cortnie could help us find them. Tonight after dinner, we drove over and the kids had a ball playing on the structures and stuff. Finally I handed Cortnie the GPS and told her to follow the arrow. She navigated easily enough to the location, but the cache was a bit high for her. We found Playground at 6:45 PM. Next door was a senior citizen center with a cache hidden in some nearby trees. Again Cortnie took us there, and with a little coaching she zeroed in on the cache, so we bagged Senior Moment at 7:00 PM.

Karen rode back to the house with Mark and Annmarie while Dan, Janet, and I used the rest of the daylight to find some more. We found the following.

B.S.P.S. #8 – Kiwanis II (7:35 PM)

Momma’s Packrat I (7:41 PM)

Aspen Cove (7:56 PM)

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