Day trip to Point Arena

Today we headed north up Highway 1 to find caches on DeLorme map pages and another geocaching challenge called the Bay Area Quadrangle Challenge.

We crossed the Richmond bridge and then went south on 101 to Marin City where we found a cache near the docks of a whole community of houseboats. That satisfied the Point Bonita quadrangle.

Then we went north on 101 to Lucas Valley road and stopped for a cache near Nicasio that satisfied the San Geronimo quad. From there we drove to Point Reyes Station where I searched for a couple of caches while Karen browsed in the Cowgirl Creamery. I didn’t find those, but we did find one just on the outskirts of town and another near the shore of Tomales Bay. This satisfied the Inverness quad and page 70 of the Golden State DeLorme Challenge.

Farther north we did a short hike in Salt Point state park and found a couple of caches to satisfy page 61 of the Golden State DeLorme Challenge.

Though it was getting late in the afternoon, we pushed on to Point Arena. I didn’t find the ones I was looking for, so could not complete page 54 of the Golden State DeLorme Challenge. This was frustrating, but we were out of daylight and it was time to head for home. I took Mountain View Road east to Boonville—not the best road to drive at night. Narrow and twisty, it bothered me on a few tight corners with visibility problems.

Total mileage for the trip was 375 miles.

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