Dana Point

After walking the beach and bluff trail in Laguna Beach, we drove down to Dana Point and walked along the harbor. After that we drove up Crown Valley Parkway to Camino Del Avion and hunted a couple of caches in the Salt Creek Corridor.

First up was I’ve Been Canned. It was just a short walk and then a search around some desert type bushes (like a creosote bush). The cache was indeed a rusty can that we found at 11:40 AM. A little farther on, off on some bunny trails we found Orange Crush at 11:49 AM.

We drove to nearby Ocean Breeze Park for a quick find of Ocean Breeze. It was pretty obvious. It was in a 3″ diameter fence post. We got this one at 12:20 PM. Another short drive took us to It’s a Parasitic Cache. Looked for a while, but found no parasites, so I used the hint and found it in short order at 12:35 PM. It was under a large shrub in a stick lying on the ground. Blends in with the roots.

We parked at the Clubhouse Plaza on Niguel Road and hiked along the Salt Creek Corridor to get a few more caches. The first was The Color Purple. It’s a good sized triangular tube and we found it at 2:05 PM. Frog Serenade was a little harder to find, but we finally got it at 2:22 PM.

Little Bud was tough. Karen found it—not sure I would have. I was quite misdirected on what to look for. I was thinking vegetation (a bud), but should have been thinking beer (Bud). It was a beer bottle cap in plain sight. The log was glued to the cap and inserted into a small plastic tube buried in the ground. Hunter was another hidden in similar style. Karen also noticed this one. It was a sprinkler head of the type where the mechanism just lifts out. I thought it looked normal, but Karen noticed the name—Hunter. Just disassemble the insert and there was the log.

I found Stuck on You relatively quickly. It was obviously stuck on. Cache was tucked inside a broken off piece of box steel used for a street sign pole and stuck with magnets to the base of a similar street sign pole. The final cache for the day was The “Love” Cache. I went right to an obvious spot and found the cache, although it wasn’t what I expected. There was a small eucalyptus stump that seemed out of place. I expected a fake stump, but found a tennis ball with the cache in it behind the stump.

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