Caching with Cortnie

I solved Dave’s Tally Marks puzzle, so this morning I asked Cortnie if she wanted to hunt some geocaches with me (and she did). We tracked Tally Marks down with a bit of searching in cracks, and then drove out to get 5 Pillars Farm 4 Cache (easy).

Since we were doing well, I asked if she wanted to do some more (she did), so I took her to Vort Max (where she was good cover). In addition, there was a big swim meet in progress and cars were parked everywhere. I had the solution to this puzzle a couple of years ago, but couldn’t find the cache, and kind of gave up on it. Today, the vegetation (where I thought it would be hidden) was completely cut back, and new hints indicated it wasn’t there anyway. Found it after a bit of checking.

On our way back, we stopped for Pocket Park, and again she was excellent cover near the playground.

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